Monday, 23 April 2012

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


These are the settings I did int he post processing box i was testing out for the end of the level. Obviously you can play with midtones as well, might create a better transition. The hard this is the timing as you don't want it to fade out too quickly and you don't want it to drag on.

More Kismet

Heres the kismet for the mannequins to be loaded into the level as hidden and then appear when you hit the trigger volume

The green box is the trigger volume

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

TV Wall

Just playing about with red ivy and tv wall :D Does it look good or not??

Also tried to break up the tileable on this wall as it was looking a bit boring and bland, again its up to you rob wither you like it or not

Monday, 19 March 2012

Kismet Malarky

I just put this up here as back up on what I'm doing, the kismet above is all about opening a door once you have a key which you get once the animation for the slot machine is over. So its not that hard. Tore my hair out for hours trying to figure it out and to find one tick box that had to be checked. I love UDK soooooooo much. I cant be bothered to go through the sequence of nodes i pressed here but i will in my design doc :)

This small piece of kismet controls a thing disappearing in a scene, i took notes on this one as it is smaller;

-Put builder brush around object you want to disappear
- go to volumes and set trigger volume
-open up kismet with the volume selected and go to "NewEventUsingTriggerVolume_0" "Touch"
-Add Action > Toggle > Togglehidden, have the mesh you want to disappear selected when you do this
- Connect Touched to toggle
-Click add New Object Var Using Interactor and connect it to target
-Then what should happen is when you enter the trigger volume the mesh disappears
-Note that i have been reading about how collision meshes don't disappear so i have to be careful. Though when you convert a static mesh to a interactor it sets it to no collision so that's fine. For the door in the first kismet i need to set it to block all to not allow the player to walk through the door.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

More Flickering stuff

So here is what i did to make the flickering lights affect a certain area on the texture map. using the emmives i just multiplied it into the flickering texture. pretty simple. Then you just create another copy of this for the light function and link the floor to the emisive. You can delete the things are being used. Remember not to change any of the settings because then the light wont work in the same time as the texture flicker. Remember to set it as a light function in the mutally excessive or whatever its called box and you are all set. Remember lights must be moveable for a light function to be added :)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Flickering lights Mat

You plug this into emmisive slot also go down in the mutally exclusive thingy majoby slot and tick use as a light function. You then go into the light  go to light component > light component and tick the blue box to the right side to add a function. Then get the material you just made and click the green arrow desu :) Then you copy and paste the same stuff as in the material just made and put it into the texture map of the asset you want it on. You then multiply all those nodes with the emmisive and plug it into the emmisive slot and it should work and be timed perfectly :O

Tutorial link is below.