Friday, 27 January 2012

Concept Room, update

Work-in-progress shot of the concept room. The meshes need to be textured, but apart from that it's done. 

And some more! :P Okay I'll stop now.

Oh, and also; I was just going by my concept of this area, I wasn't sure which one we'd agreed on. The UDK file is on Dropbox so if anyone wants to experiment with the lighting feel free, post up the results too!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


It's finally finished, I've finally managed to get the Atrium done and playable. The whitebox.udk file should now be up on Dropbox, and here are some screenshots from it. They might be a little hard to follow, I had to trim the number down to keep them manageable.

Entry; this door opens and lets you into the main area of the fumigation tent.

Turning right after the last image, you come to the next room, the main decontamination shower area.

Leaving that area and turning left (right is where the collapsed walkway is), you pass from the decontamination area into the main corridor. 

At the end of the corridor you come to the elevator (just at the left of this shot) and then you proceed up the stairs.

Circling around the stairs you come around to the top floor of the corrior, above where you entered from. At the end of this passage is the collapsed walkway from earlier, however you can pass it now since you're on the other side.

Once down the ramp created by the collapse you continue down the corridor.

Then through some connecting corridors. The amount of corridors is worrying, but needed to connect the areas unfortunately.

You emerge into the atrium (here is the section connecting the two areas)

You then leave the secluded area into the atrium's main section.

Which is here! Many hours of my life were sapped by this area, which I now hate with a passion.
There's a collapse at the other side which forms a ramp up to the walkway you can see to the right.

On the walkway, you proceed over to the ladder which was thrown down from the top floor by persons unknown.

You climb the ladder.

And reach the top!

At the top is the computer lab, though we're not making all that equipment. It'll be more of an attic space, with a "moodboard" on the wall which serves as the level end (a goal, of sorts.)

Session 9, some reference

Our film this week, Session 9, rung a few bells -- plastic sheeting was everywhere, and decontamination showers were featured later in the film. I thought some shots from the film could be really useful to us and to Scott whilst he's lighting the level.

Ignoring the darkness in the foreground, I thought the warm tones in the rest of this scene were  effective.


The earthy tones here could be used in our overgrown sections, to give a natural feel.


I can't remember if this was a decontamination chamber, but I think those suits would make an interesting prop.

Practical example of how the plastic sheeting obscures vision.

I love this shot, mainly because Gordon's almost a silhouette in contrast to the bloom of those sheets.

This film would've been perfect to research at the start. Oh well, better late than never :D

edit: Moar!