Thursday, 19 January 2012

Concept doodles

First of all I wanted to flesh out the exterior of the Queens, since we're including the courtyard. I figured having the overgrown look all over the level would get a little old, so I decided to try something different with  this ghostly "Silent Hill" look. From the outside it kinda makes the Queens building look haunted.

The fumigation/quarantine tent that sections off the playable area wasn't a fully developed idea, and everyone had different visions of what it would look like. Here's how I imagined it would look, like it was stuck on the side of the building so personnel could enter and exit from a secure point. I imagined it would be completely sealed and airtight -- but over time residual rainfall collected on the top sheets and they collapsed under the weight. 

And finally I wanted to nail my vision of the atrium - a colourful and densely overgrown area that is almost like it's own ecosystem. I'm still pondering how to make this "survival horror" since at the moment it's a giant greenhouse, but I wanted to experiment with injecting colour into the level here.


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