Friday, 20 January 2012


Another view of the atrium at a different angle. More exploration of the sun beams. Also trying to add more dirt and growth to the walls and floors.
 Ignoring where the tree would be in this one and just focusing on the ladder. Decided to go with a worn out old rope ladder, that perhaps doesnt look too safe at all! Also painted over one of the wall hangings and added in one of Sam's beloved drapes! Made the drape moth eaten and worn, possibly too bright still, and maybe we will go with different colours?
 Just a quick concept of the courtyard. I like the silent hilly effect that Rob was going for. In mine i left it pretty much as it was, but obviously added some grass and other signs of neglect to the building, as well as some eerie mist. Also thought it might be good to have some light coming through the blocked door to draw the player to it. Also the scene looks quite cold, and this light is warm, another factor for drawing the player in. 
A quick paint of how one of the ceiling lights may look. Possibly could have ivy growing on it. I'm not sure if moss could grow on a light bulb that still works a bit, barely working. Maybe they like a bit of heat and artificial light wont have the same effect on it as sunlight?

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