Friday, 20 January 2012

Concepty Stuffs

Trying to do an alright proved to be impossible, every hour I fell asleep just to wake up and do 10 minutes of work before dosing off again. But I seemed to get something done in the confusion.  The first set of images is of the atrium, I was just trying to get a sense of overgrowth. Then I seen rob's concept and it being soo cool I bumped up the colours for the lol's.

I also tried out different mannequin designs, I heart cut and paste. I think my favourites are the all hair one and the geometric last one in the first set.

Again trying out growthy stuffs

Trying out a concept for the TV wall and then upping the colours...I like tv wall, it's coool lol

I also tried my hand at some assets :O, just to get different ideas flowing

And finally I did say  about flooding the circular window rooms because it would let in this awesome light so i wanted to concept that. Floating mannequins and fishes because they are awesome.

I still have some time left when I get in the labs, so i will probably work on a couple more since I slept so much I should be right as rain now :D

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