Thursday, 12 January 2012

First Initial Meeting – Idea Generation

Just so everyone is clear of what we discussed on Tuesday 10th January I will write a blog post so we can refer to it when doing our documentations for the group project.

Our first priority as a team was to produce a name something catchy and so hence Team Sneaky Milkshake was born. Team members include Rob Palmer, Lewis Thompson, Sam Wise, Craig Mooney, Stephen Taylor and Samuel Henry.

Talking with each other we complied a list of horror style games and films we have seen that would make good reference for this project. Not all these are horror driven but there are certain scenes we though interesting. They are as follows;

Games: Silent Hill series, Amnesia, Dead Space, Alan Wake, Alice Madness Returns, Thief, Fear, Bioshock, Resident Evil, Half Life – Ravenholme, Left 4 Dead

Films: 28 Days Later, Saw, Rec, Virus, Sunshine, The Thing, Sleepy Hollow, The Mist, Decent, I am Legend, Identity, Machinist.

Talking about these games and films made us come up with the conclusion that there are certain elements and devices used to make a horror game – sound, lighting, suspense, playing on peoples fears, luring player into a false sense of security. We also mentioned the director talking about Snape's death scene in the last harry potter film. He said that they never showed Snape getting murdered by the snake because its much more horrific if you imagine it yourself. Tricks people in the film industry use and it's something we would like to implement.

From there we discussed what things we would like to incorporate into the queens building. At first we discussed it being night time as this is the preferred setting for these type games. We would then play with light always switching them on and off. By doing this you are giving a task, get the lights on again. We thought about using fuse boxes that you had to shoot in order to get the lights running again. But that doesn't make it scary so we discussed the change in the scene, boxes moved to different places when it got dark, items generate in front of you...etc. Also from looking at games like Bioshock and silent hill, they have a lot of shadow play and we talked about carefully positioned lights in front of object to project an image onto walls...etc.

As for story we weren't sure of what to do that hasn't been done, then on inspection of the queens building we noticed a lot of gas pipes and signs about compressed gas. This gave us the idea that this place was gassed and you are in this building, but that doesn't make sense. Why are you in this building? And so we came up with the idea that you are the monster, you are just as scared as anyone else but the player doesn't find out until the end of the level. Logs would be left around the level for the player to find that would detail what happened and why he is there.

Okay so lets back away from story for a while the main thing is where would we do in the Queens building? Going about the rooms and sneaking into multiple classrooms we decided on the interesting places we liked. The first being the main hall, It has huge scale and three tiers as well as a complex shape. It would be annoying to BSP but it was a definite contender. The other place was the hallway that Maxwell Taylor’s group did. We found it interesting because you can hear the footsteps of people on the upper hallway and it would be a real nice eerie aesthetic if we could put it in. Also we thought of doing an outside area to lead you into the queens building, this will lead you into the building and give you an appreciation of the scale of the building. But we thought why do we have to model the queens building. If there has been a gas leak of some kind then lets put the queens building covered in a fumigation tent. Creating continuity throughout the level is key.

And then we got crazy, first off, DRAPES. We must have drapes, it is an essential part and if we don't have it I will die. Also because the character has been affected by this gas he has went a little crazy, he's schizophrenic and is torturing himself. Everything in the level is being done by him, he's just to crazy to realise it. Also because fumigation tent are often coloured like circus tent we thought of adding random assets to tie into his insanity for example a huge jack in the box, clown slot machine that dispenses a key, mannequins places about the level like in I am Legend...etc.

All in all we are all pretty revved about this project so far, next step get slated by Mike, YAY.

I'm sure there is plenty I have forgotten to mention as we went throught a lot of ideas so if I did just comment below or tell me and I can update this blog post again :)

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