Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Fumigation Tent

So while during Bart's talk I was taking some of the things he was saying and trying to implement it into the base mesh I did for the fumigation tent. The first two are just imported mesh that I hadn't adjusted to make cloth yet.

After this I made it more cloth like rather than rigid and the result is as follows;

I then made a quick tillable texture in photoshop and then stuck it all into UDK again and changed the colours abit and the results where AWESOME

Even though that is absoulty amazing some how I don't think Mike will approve and so I dulled it done a bit and the group wants it to be white plastic instead of whacky strips and so;

These where born. Decals would be put on the mesh to dirt it up a bit if it's been there for a while, also maybe some rip-age and possibly a little transparent so we can project some lighting from behind the cloth to make it seem like some of the lights in the building are still on?? Who knows, was just experimenting to hear the views of my awesome team members :D (suck butt much?) 

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