Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Session 9, some reference

Our film this week, Session 9, rung a few bells -- plastic sheeting was everywhere, and decontamination showers were featured later in the film. I thought some shots from the film could be really useful to us and to Scott whilst he's lighting the level.

Ignoring the darkness in the foreground, I thought the warm tones in the rest of this scene were  effective.


The earthy tones here could be used in our overgrown sections, to give a natural feel.


I can't remember if this was a decontamination chamber, but I think those suits would make an interesting prop.

Practical example of how the plastic sheeting obscures vision.

I love this shot, mainly because Gordon's almost a silhouette in contrast to the bloom of those sheets.

This film would've been perfect to research at the start. Oh well, better late than never :D

edit: Moar!

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