Friday, 13 January 2012

Some Moodboards

Thought I'd do some quick moodboards to visualise my thoughts for this project. Focuses on visual themes/colour schemes. We've already settled on the basics of our idea for this project, but there's always a change some of this stuff could help us later down the line if we hit creative problems.

Just a collection of grimy/decayed building interiors, generic horror stuff really. 

Playing around with the foggy/mystical atmosphere. What I like about fog in general is how it obscures and mystifies what you can see ahead of you, and gives it a ghostly aura.

Looking into the eeriness of a cold winter setting, I think the bottom left and bottom/top right best capture what I was thinking of. Fog plays into these two, but I was focusing on the night setting too.

Went a bit far-fetched and looked at alien hives. They're inherently scary, for a number of reasons. The idea was an alternative to the over-grown setting of our idea, since it essentially keeps the same atmosphere of the humid, organic building, but is completely out of place in it's own right.

And finally, I remembered about the Eden Project and the idea of "biomes". This was an alternate idea to the hive, with a similar atmosphere. Here, you'd have quite blinding flood lights and a thick dense mist, as well as spores and fireflies floating around. The trouble with this idea is that it doesn't scream "horror", and it'd involve a lot of vegetation.

Just some mental noodlin', trying to get inspiration for visual styles and colour palletes.

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  1. Awesome Rob, really like fireflies, it would be awesome if there was little fireflies in the level, it wouldnt be that hard just take the dust particle effect and tweek the setting and easy peasy done. We could use them as signifiers that you're going in the right direction. Kindof like how assassin creed uses birds when there is a jump spot.