Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Some finished assets...

Not all my assets are completed at this time. There still is the speaker, camera and both trash bags which 3 of them, having texturing problems with. Here is the Board, Chipboard, FirstAid Box, Clock The VBeam is basically just all one colour and the light is two colours as I couldn't make out the texture, however I don't think this is a problem as the light will cover up the texture anyway?

These 6 are all on dropbox with textures and light maps(?)...

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Skydome example

For Craig:

 I wasn't able to export a skydome from UT3 for you to look at and analyse, their packages are "cooked" and won't let you export them. So here's the next best thing (I hope), some screenshots;

The skydome from the UT3 level "Islander" is basically a dish shape. The main part, the top, is like a convex circle, whereas the sides are like a cylinder shape. This is a more effective shape than a semi-sphere or a box, since it compensates for the player looking in the horizon. 

Here is the texture file for that skydome. The top part is flat, whereas the sides are warped, much like the shape you got in photoshop Craig. You should be able to save this image (it's only 512, unfortunately, I couldn't fit the 1024 on screen to take a screenshot.) and try it out in Max on a simple mesh. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Renders ahoy!

Coffee machine, now a Milkshake machine! :D 

Vending machine A: For sweeties! ..note that the machines are empty, they were raided long ago.

Vending machine B: For getting your drink on! 

Quarantine Tent scene; thought it was a better display method than rendering each modular component. 


"Hai all. Me and Sam H were thinking about setting Sunday as the deadline for textures. We'll be able to bring everything together then and see what needs to be done.

If you've got a lot of assets to texture, you can do placeholders for now, just so we've got something to work with. While Scott's lighting the level we can rework the textures.. we just need to have a working level put together now."

From Rob
So to confirm all textures to be done by SUNDAY. Do them as good as you can but it can be revised when Scott is doing the lighting like rob stated. If you don't have them done by Sunday I will have to get my angry face on >_< lol