Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Basement Ideas

Basement Mood Board

Just something to feed our imaginations when putting the Basement together :p

I know Rob is doing some concepts for the basement but I thought I'd throw this idea out there too.

The 'hanging construction light' could be used to light your journey through the Basement area, finally giving out as you reach the ladder leading to the Atrium.
We could have some weak lighting from ventilation ducts in the wall?
Reminiscent of emergency lighting -

Even though the light from above the basement exit is strong, I think it would look better if it is concentrated only within a narrow area. That way the rest of the basement can retain a mood that is dark and oppressive and the exit is your salvation or sanctuary from this.


  1. The first one caught my eye straight away. The centre one I like because it's just grungy and shitty :P

    Maybe we should have something personal in the basement, like that memorial.. maybe squatters, or a gang den. Maybe someone went down there after the building was abandoned and made it into their own quiet space? Could have some fairly disturbing doodles scribbled around everywhere.

  2. Ooh and I forgot, if we can do the handheld light it'd be amazing. Of course, we would still light the area, just made it alot darker than the rest.

  3. Yeah, it would be great to get that working.
    Maybe we can test it out tomorrow?

  4. Why can't I see these images anymore?