Thursday, 2 February 2012

Colour update

On the dropbox is the assets list that has been divided for everyone, sorry if you weren't here. Unfortunatly when i converted it to a pdf it messed up with the formating and so you can't see the colours, so i will now depit the colours in a text fashion :D

Rob you have obtained an orge yellow that would pure even the evilest of heart.

Craig you have gained the power of light blue, may it guide you to the sanity you so hope for.

Sam wise you have been glorified with the power of ultra awesome blue, it makes smurfs look yellow.

Lewis you have prolaimed the title of redness-ness-ness may it increase your life points by one million.

Scott you have been given the orange of the gods, you may bless your friends in your orange sewage of love.

And I have been given the power of green so i may to hulk it like a polaroid picture.


  1. Remind me to stay away from Scott's sewage of love, sounds messy XD So does the document on dropbox have colour, or is it all blank again?

  2. it has colour just it cropped out what everyones was so i did this instead :)