Sunday, 12 February 2012

For your textures

Sorry this is so late I hope it won't cause too much bother for everyone. I have been working on a technical specification of the texture sizes for the assets we all have. I found it difficult as even though I know about UDK and it's restrictions, I also know that I can't be a texture Nazi and make everyone do all their assets in a 1024. I tried my best to loosen up a bit when distributing the texture space. Feel free to argue with me if you think something is wrong, you are most likely correct and I value everyone's judgment.

Now for every texture sheet I was like D/N/S but if you think the asset doesnt need  a N or if it need a glow map or whatever just come to me and we will discuss things. Obviously lights need and emmisive map but remember to make these quite low in texture size.

I have outlined a few points in the document to help everyone I hope you find it useful. It will now be available on dropbox. again I apologise for the lateness of the list :(

Oh and Lewis for the walkway you'll see i gave every piece a 1024 x 1024 but you can probably share the texture space with the other modular assets. I have a video that might help you make sense of what I'm getting at so I will post it on Dropbox too. I know its about modularity but look at the way he does the texture map, you could do the same thing with the other parts of  walkway after one is textured :) Oh but i have a problem it is too big for dropbox so i will give it to you on monday :)

Oh and the files are called;

Techncial document for asset production

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