Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fus Ro Dah

We just went through the moodboards and quickly said what we liked and how we would incorperate that into our level. Below is a little list of some of the things so you can begin concepting the areas :)

  • blue colour cool
  • paint peels
  • ivy
  • behind thread board there is a secret room
  • water puddles in atrium
  • orange glow from basement
  • busy roofs makes it seem more real and actually has a function
  • mesh over windows
  • side lighting
  • blue and white, orange colour schemes
  • staind glass maybe
  • ivy on opposite side of windows
  • cold colours
  • mossy rubble
  • tiles fell from the wall making the floor have an erradic pattern, more realistic
  • basement orange colour scheme
  • ceiling chair
  • walls of pictures for secret room
  • trap door where thread board is.

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