Friday, 10 February 2012

Layout noodling

So I was thinking about the layout for our level. The more I think about, the more I feel that our initial area is too linear. The long corridor is the epitome of that. Also, I kinda saw other levels, and they were far more open than ours :P

That got me doodling about additions areas for our level, to try and make the start more interesting.


- I altered the initial spawn area (the quarantine tent) so it was more of a sideways "J" shape. The reasoning behind this was that it restricts the players view, so they can only see into the Queen's building once they've curved round. The straight on approach takes out the suspense since you can see where you're going straight away :P

- On the first floor, after you've gone up the stairs to bypass the collapsed ceiling, I've added in a blockade and a bypass room. Basically this forces you to go into one of the side rooms and curve around the blockage, hopefully breaking the monotony of the corridor. That's the little room below the first diagram, by the way.

- The corner room and the subsequent corridor were tedious and another series of corridors to trudge down, so I was playing with ways of changing them up a little. I experimented with having the player trek into the basement for a short stretch to change the visuals up a little. 

- You leave the basement via a short ladder, and emerge back on the ground floor via an access manhole thingybob. The room it's in is a maintenance place I think, but I've shortened it to a supply closet. 

- Exit the closet and into the atrium connector. And that's as far as I went.

So yeah, just some thoughts on shaking up the layout. Thoughts and feedback? 


  1. I like it.
    What sort of things do you want to populate the bypass room? Lab equipment? Or maybe some of those deployment cases we were talking about earlier?

  2. Hmm, not sure. We could do like a specimen room.. sorta like the room from the Resi5 concept book, with plant specimen preserved in tanks. Like a temporary research/analysis room for the investigating company people.

    Perhaps the decon team were coming down with something, like a reaction to the plant spores. And rather than take the plants out of quartering and risk spreading the spores, they work on it in the confined area.

  3. I do think you've got a point that our level is quite linear, this is awesome you did this. I dont want to push us to much though. So I think it would be cool to get everyone to do some concepting and at the end of feb when all the assets are done and populated in the level we can move things about and then make it more playable :)

  4. Yeah it's probably for the best that we leave this stuff 'till afterwards, best not to shake up the plan at this stage ;D

  5. Yeh or even when everything is modelled you can have a play about with the level if you want rob thats fine. I know promote you to Level Designer lol