Saturday, 4 February 2012

Priority two assets update

So here's what I've been doing last couple days. Forgot Friday was hand in.
 Linked Benches. Didn't realise how many tris this was until doing renders. Oops. Combination of too much on the legs and dem fackin' chamfers.
 Bins of all kinds. I'm quite the connoisseur. I didn't put any detail on the metal bin as I figured it'd just be mapped on. I could (read: probably) be wrong. Most of these wernt on the list but I thought it'd be nice to have some variety.
 Push button in all it's majesty.
 927 too much right? Especially for something that's not gona be seen upclose. I'm most likely gona have to redo that so crits please.
 Large radiator, the one that goes up against the wall length ways. Was near 1k tris due to the grill bits which now are just 2 sided planes.

Small radiator, goes horizontally against walls (like in the pic). 826 too much?

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