Thursday, 2 February 2012


So guys it's pretty much a month down and we are starting to get into the hard work without all this pre-production stuff. Just to clarify with everyone that we have February to complete all assets within the level, this gives us a 20 day time period in March in order to tweak and experiment and include things like particle effects, sound, proper lighting...etc.

It is now the 2nd of Feb and assets will be distributed today so we can get on with modeling priority two and three assets. I will also be looking at everyones priority one assets tomorrow to see if they are completed. If they aren't I will have my whip and handcuffs and you won't enjoy it like last time...

Also Lewis I really need your help, I hope the loss of your friend isn't affecting your workflow too much but if it is I will obviously make allowances for that. As all the team members stated on facebook we do offer you our condolsences and hopefully once you are recovered we can have the talk to discuss the project and get to hear your views. Even if it's too late to change the idea there is other stuff to make it more interesting at the end of the asset production that we can discuss. Also as I stated in facebook I will gladly talk to you personally on behalf of the group if you are more comfortable with that but you have to comunicate back to me. It would be really awesome to hear your ideas. We went with what you said about the ladder and that has now been changed and concepted by Craig as shown below. What do you think of a scafolding stairs that you can get to the top floor. Blocked off at the bottom of the atrium so the player has to walk toward the tree, gasp in it's beauty then go up the broken walkway to jump on a plank that leads you onto the scafolding. Would be nice to here your thoughts on this idea. As for why the scafolding is there, if we go on the fact that they were building a new stairway for people then this infection/diease/contamination thing struck and the building was sealed off the public and it wasn't properly finished.


  1. "Posted by Sam Henry at 03:50" you ever sleep? :P

  2. That is wrong it was actually 5 in the morning lol, why the hell does it state that tbh? i did it in the labs lol

  3. Ah, the timezone was off. I've set it right now.