Saturday, 3 March 2012

Cube Map

                Okay I was trying to go out  cube mapping for the windows, below is what i did. I got is mostly working, take into account I just used a random texture sample and not a proper image. The picture below tells how to do it, but as it states i have a problem. Remember when I had to put the  blue channel of the texture into transmission mask to make the object opaque and the glass transparent in the GlassWalkway mesh? Well I did try the same here in order to make the window frame opaque but it just wouldn't work. I'm not sure how to fix it and I'm tired and can't be assed tonight so i will research into it another time. You can try research it for me if you like, I've also seen people do distortion maps on the glass but to me it just looks like the glass on bathroom windows.

Doing the exact same as the tutorial but it is completely opaque.

Red Section shows that it makes the frame translucent :C

Sammy Can't Win :C

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  1. Yeah, transparency in UDK is really starting to confuse me too. Translucency is the function we want, but it seems to cause other parts of the mesh to go transparent too and sometimes makes the asset unclickable :/

    I'll probably do the cube maps last, once the map is textured fully and lit, that way they'll properly reflect the environment.