Thursday, 1 March 2012

More Assets

Oh no not more assets, yes the truth is we need some more small assets to fill up some areas so craig did a list which is awesome so i will copy that down now;

Broom, Mop, Shelves, Paint Cans, Grates, Fans, Air Ducts, Palettes, Hazmat Suit, Gas Mask, Basement Light, Graffit Decals, Moss Decals, Dirt Decals, Gas Canister, Tanks for plants or mannequin, possibly more types of foilage? Poster Decals, Newpaper Decals.

I cant think right now but there are probably more so if you think of any extra stuff then just comment :)

1 comment:

  1. Sorry if I repeat something already mentioned;

    Quarrantine Tent;
    - Plant Specimen tanks/containers
    - Medical Table
    - Medical equipment (Scissors, microscopes ect)

    Decon Chamber;
    - Shower heads?

    - Vent Covers
    - Fan Covers
    - Spinning Fans
    - Pallets
    - Generator?
    - Ladder
    - Basement Floor? (Making a hole for the puddles in BSP would be expensive)

    - Trash!
    - Small rubble
    - Dirt piles

    - Graffiti
    - Posters / Medical warnings
    - Splatters / Chemical spills
    - Dirt and grunge, for adding non-generic detail
    - Floor trash i.e papers and crushed cans